Researching Open Science

Application-oriented research groups at the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

Open Science AT ZBW
Research groups and their current topical focus

Digital Information Infrastructures

Transparency and openness: new infrastructures for digital resources in research

Information Profiling and Retrieval

Language models and knowledge graphs are the focus of ZBW research

Web Science

Studying the impact and relevance of scientific publications

Digital Economics

Science about science: studying research texts and processes

Researching Open Science

The greater goal of ZBW

Open Science encompasses practices and processes that support transparency, accessibility, retraceability, and reusability in research. ZBW scientists are researching Open Science under different aspects; and together they make a holistic contribution to the success of Open Science practices in economics.


How the four research groups interlock

  1. The reseach group “Digital Information Infrastructures” forms the basis for the reliable provision of digital information such as publications or research data.
  2. For discovering such information, the research group “Information Profiling and Retrieval” works with the latest methods from the domains of information retrieval and Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Usage behaviour in digital information infrastructures is the object of research of the research group “Web Science”.
  4. The research group “Digital Economics” connects research at the ZBW with economics and researches the conditions for success of open practices especially in this discipline.

On this website you can find a quick insight into the research groups and their current topical focus. Read also about the ZBW’s engagement in science policy and the ZBW’s vision for research in the coming years.

Science policy consulting at the ZBW

The developments associated with Open Science take place at many levels of the science system. As a Leibniz institution, it is a matter of concern for the ZBW to see its own experiences and research results inform the debate in science policy bodies at the national, European and international level.

Open Science as the “New Normal”

With its research, the ZBW wants to drive the rapid development of the Open Science transformation in economics. The ZBW studies the conditions for success and pilots infrastructures that contribute to making Open Science the “New Normal” in the scientific community.

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